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Its type of headache only but characterized by recurrent attacks of Headaches. These headaches may vary from moderate to severe. Typically, the headaches affect one half of the head. These headaches are pulsating in nature, and last from 2 hour to 72 hours.

Associated symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sound, or smell.

Some people experience a specific warning ‘aura’ or signs such as weakness in one side of the body, flashing lights, numbness and blind spot in one eye. An aura can mimic the symptoms of stroke and can be extremely frightening, especially for people who had never experienced the aura before this at any time.

Causes & Types of Migraine

Depending upon imbalanced Dosha,  Migraine can be of three types:

  1. Vata imbalanced migraine:  It is caused due to Constipation, Gastric.
  2. Pita imbalanced migraine:   It is caused due to severe Acidity or Hyper Acidity
  3. Kapha imbalanced migraine: It is caused due to blockage of nose or sinusitis. With a sinus headache, you’ll feel pressure around your eyes, cheeks, and forehead, and you may think you have a sinus infection. 

There could be following additional trigger factors for Migraine :

  1. Cervical Spondylitis : Due to pain in neck.
  2. Emotional triggers: Stress, depression, anxiety, excitement and shock
  3. Physical causes: Tiredness and insufficient sleep
  4. Excess Travels  like Jet Lags
Treatment of Migraine in Ayurveda

The treatment for migraine headaches are completely dependent upon the type im-balanced Tridoshas i.e. Vata , Pitta , Kapha.

Steps followed in typical line of treatment :-

Shaman –  Herbal medicines  are given to balance the imbalanced Dosha.

Shodhan – Purification Panchkarma Procedures like

  1. Nasyam
  2. Shirodhara
  3. Shirovasthi
  4. ShiroPichu

Nidaan Parivarjan – Dietary Recommendations


Sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection, is a common condition that occurs when the sinuses inside the face gets blocked with mucus.  As a result,  inflamed and swollen.

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Nasyam is one of the Panchkarma Treatment, which is used to insert the medication in the nostrils. Administration of drugs by the route of nasal cavity is termed as Nasya, Nāvana,...

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Pichu therapy in Ayurveda is a palliative measure. It is recommended for the remediation of cranial nerve disorders caused by Vata imbalances. Based on the patient's requirements and ailments.

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