Best Ayurveda Treatment to Cervical or Neck Pain in Delhi NCR

Cervical – Spondylitis

Cervical – Spondylitis


Cervical - Spondylitis

One of the many reasons of Neck pain is Cervical Pain.  Cervical refers to the area of the spine that corresponds to the neck. The cervical spine is composed of seven vertebrae, numbered C1 to C7, and is responsible for supporting the head and allowing for its range of motion. The cervical spine is also home to the spinal cord, which sends signals between the brain and the rest of the body.

Cervical caused by a variety of factors, including

  • Poor Posture,
  • Muscle Strain
  • Injury

Cervical Pain (In Ayurveda, its called Griva Sandhigata Vata)  is characterized by pain in the Neck & Head region and following are the typical symptoms of the Cervical :

  1. Vertigo
  2. Numbness in hands.
  3. Headache
  4. Restricted movement of Neck
  5. Pain in Shoulders
  6. Stiffness in Upper back.
Causes of Cervical

Following are the major reasons for the Cervical Pain :-

  1. Excessive Sitting on the Laptops/PCs.
  2. Wrong Postures in Office
  3. Slip Disk in Cervical Vertebrate
  4. Stiffness of neck Muscles

There is gel like liquid in between the spinal bones disks. These gelly material help in absorbing the shock of lifting, twisting and other activities. This removal of gel makes the spinal bones or vertebrates rub togather.

Ayurveda Treatment to Cervical:

Here are some tips that may help alleviate neck pain:

  • Practice Good Posture: Make sure your shoulders are relaxed, your chin is tucked in slightly, and your ears are aligned with your shoulders.
  • Stretch and Exercise: Regular stretching and strengthening exercises can help reduce neck pain and prevent future injuries. Consult with a physical therapist or healthcare provider for specific exercises.
  • Apply heat or cold: Applying a heating pad or a cold pack to the affected area can help reduce pain and inflammation. You can also alternate between the two.
  • Massage: Massaging the neck muscles can help relieve tension and reduce pain. You can use your fingers to massage the muscles or consider getting a professional massage.

Shaman Chikitsa : Herbal Medicines provided according to the cause.

Muscular stiffness :  Reduce Muscularly Stiffness with Panchkarma therapies like Snehan & Swedan.  Once the stiffness reduces, the blood circulation in the affected areas increases and it leads to increased mobility.

Panchkarma Therapies : To reduce the Pain following therapies are performed

  1. Podikizhi, Elakidhi
  2. Griva Basti
  3. Lepam Treatments.

These therapies help in alleviating the pain and strengthening the bones in the painful area.

Nidaan Parivarjan : Once the stiffness is in control , to maintain the pain free state ,” Nidaan Parivarjan” is followed where in patients are

  1. Requested to avoid the Pain causing effects like long hours on Computers, hard pillows etc.
  2. Encouraged to follow the regular Neck exercise and apply hot steamed towels on the affected portion.

Griva Basti

Griva basti is a deep tissue treatment of cervical area. A dam is formed out of dough over cervical region and filled with warm herbalized oil. Griva basti is also administered similar to Kati basti.

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Potli Massage

In this treatment herbs/leaves and other natural ingredients are used for curing chronic pain. Powdered herbs are packed in special cloth and wrapped as pouch and heated with medicated oils.

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Basti is often administered in two stages: an oil stage and a decoction stage. In the first stage, five ounces of warm sesame oil is introduced into the rectum and retained for ten minutes.

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