Udvartnam , Powder Scrub Massage in Ayurveda for Obesity

Weight Control

Weight Control

Weight Control

In Ayurveda, Weight Loss is achieved by the “Scrub Massages” and this procedure is called Udvartnam. The scrub massage produces different effects on body based on the type of rubbing and the paste used in rubbing

Udvartnam (Weight Loss Therapy):

Its a weight loss therapy and performed by Keralite therapists in particular way which helps in reducing the weight.

In Udvartnam,  Dry Powders are mixed and some times Oil is also added to make a paste.

The selection of powders depend upon the type of treatment and skin.  This paste is rubbed all over the body to remove the excess water and earth element (KAPHA). 

How does Udvartana helps reducing Weight?

According to Ayurveda, overweight means excess of Kapha dosha. In Udvartanam Procedure, at Ayulife, following procedure is adapted :-

  1. Dry herbal powders  are mixed together and usually these powders are rough in nature and  hot in potency.
  2. A paste is prepared by mixing with Oil (Ratio is very important and depends upon type of problem)
  3. When this paste is rubbed on the body the pores open and blockage in the Vessels s removed. 
  4. This paste is rubbed at very high speed and creates lot of heat on the body.
  5. Paste is also dry in nature so the heat produced percolates  down to fatty Tissues.
  6. This heat finally stimulates the metabolism in fatty cells and it helps in reducing the fat permanently.
  7. After this ‘Rubbing Massage’ patient is allowed to sit in the Steam chamber for the “Swedan kirya”
  8. Swedan stimulates the affect of massage as through open pores the steam helps the paste to percolate into tissues and the effects of massage doubles.
Benefits of Udvartanam:
  1. Useful for weight Loss
  2. Skin Toning
  3. Open Body Pores & blood Vessels
  4. Increasing Body and Skin luster
  5. Beautiful Skin Complexion 


Dry Powders are mixed with Oil  to make scrub paste. paste is rubbed at very high speed and creates lot of heat on the body

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