Shirodhara is one of the Supreme therapy in Panchkarma which brings total calmness to body and mind. At Ayulife our therapists perform Shirodhara with different types of oils or decoctions based on the season and the problem of patient. 

  1. Shirodhara with herbal Oils
  2. Takradahra –  ( mix of Butter Milk + Herbs)

In Shirodhara oil or decoction is poured over the forehead or the third eye in a particular motion from certain height using a special instrument Dhara-yantra. This oil is allowed to flow over the scalp & third eye.


Ayurveda Shirodhara helps to calm the nervous system and gives following benefits:

  1. Releases Mental Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  2. Promotes Deep Relaxation and brings Calmness in mind
  3. Controls Graying of Hair
  4. Increases Concentration
  5. Enhances Memory (Esp. Package for kids preparing Exams)
  6. Induces Sleep
  7. Strengthens the nervous system
  8. Benefits memory and alertness
  9. Brings clarity and strength to the senses
  10. Supports balance of the brain’s chemistry and hormones

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