Hair Loss

Hair thinning or Loss of Hair happens due to many reasons like Tensions in Daily Life, Hormonal Changes, Stressful Life Style, Hereditary Issues. Ayurveda offers quite effective and natural treatment to Hair Thinning or Baldness or Early Greying. 

Ayulife not only offers the symptomatic treatment but cure the problem from the roots based on the Vata, Pita and Kapha diagnoses method. Both type of therapies like Rejuvenation and Problems are taken care. 


Hair Fall or Baldness is generic problem now-a-days and is most commonly associated with the Tensions in our daily life and some times due to Hereditary.

At Ayulife we use the combination of therapies to treat the damaged hair problem & thousands of patients have been treated of Early baldness problems.

In case of baldness, Leeches are applied on scalp and impure blood is removed from that area. When we apply the leech, impure blood is sucked by them. Impure blood is caused due to vitiated Doshas and leeches balance Pitta Dosha in blood which in turns hold the hair on scalp and open the blocked hair follicle opening which helps in growing new hair follicle and hair.

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