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Ayulife,  Hair-o-Klean is 100% herbal Hair Pack  and does not contain any chemical. Its made of 6 types of rare herbs and can be used for any type of Hair

Ingredients: Amlaki , Bhangra, Nimba , Shikakai, Tulsi, Ritha,

Usage : Mix with Curd and apply on head in Summers and with Milk in winters and apply on head.

Benefits of Hair-o-Klean

  1. Reduce hair fall
  2. Reduce dandruff
  3. Reduce greying
  4. Improve hair volume
  5. Gives shine to Hair


Benefits of Hair-o-Klean Ingredients :

  1. Amlaki, reduces premature loss of hair pigment and thus stops premature Greying of Hair.
  2. It is a renowned herb for hair growth as well as to reduce greying. It helps with pattern baldness by inhibiting the production of DHT. In one study amla was able to promote hair growth better than minoxidil.
  3. Bhangraj  increases blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles It enriches the hair follicles through the blood supply and promote hair growth. Bhringraj treats Dandruff and prevents the scalp to get Dry.
  4. Nimba  helps the hair follicles to become stronger and also encourages hair growth
  5. Shikakai is rich in vitamin C, A, D, E and K and antioxidants and is essential for healthy and quick growth of hair naturally. Micro-nutrients nourish hair follicle  fast and healthy.
  6. Tulsi When used as Paste and applied on Head , it Strengthens Hair as Tulsi is good hair Conditioning herb
  7. Ritha, Reetha helps to cleanse hair scalp when used regularly. According to Ayurveda, dandruff is the prime cause of hair fall. Reetha helps to control dandruff and promotes hair growth


Servings :2 Spoons In Hair Pack

Net Weight: 85 Gram

Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 6 in