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Kerala Therapy
Bring Kerala to your doorstep with Experienced therapists of Kerala's


 “Five Procedures”. Vamana, Virechna, Basti, Nasyam, Raktmaokhan

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Kerala Massages

Kerala Body Massage is one of the basic  therapy in Ayurveda. known as "Abhyangam"

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What is Ayurveda

 Ayurveda Treatment Diagnosis Methods like Vata, Pitta, Kapha Tridosha and PanchBhutas

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In Ayurveda, Detoxification  is one of the basic  method of eliminating the toxins by Panchkarma Procedures. Benefits of Detoxification :

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Qualified Doctors

Doctors at Ayulife quite experienced in Ayurveda Panchkarma with BAMS, MD degrees and treated thousands of patients.


Global Recognition

Ayulife awarded for Best Ayurveda Clinic in Delhi NCR by 3BestRated, Garima Awards, international recognition.


Dignitary Profile

Ayulife feels proud in serving Vice President of India, State Governor, IAS, IPS officers and their family for their better health.

Kerala Therapists

Ayulife brings Kerala to your doorstep, mostly 20 years Experienced Panchkarma Therapists from Kerala.

Satisfied Patients

Ayulife treated ~100,000 patients at Delhi NCR, Mumbai from US, UK, UAE, South America, Australia etc.

Affordable Therapies

Ayulife aims health for all and so our Therapy Prices are quite marginal so that all can afford.

Beena SharmaBeena Sharma
14:12 22 May 22
I recommend the clinic to any new comer. Dr. Garg n her team have a solid deep sound approach in their Ayulife Ayurveda Clinic.. Interaction with Dr. Garg was a good two way meeting of two parallel approaches ( Sri Vidya n Ayurveda) moving towards one goal of serving humanity. The staff was & is kind; service oriented and their ancienr technique is commendable. Keep it up n win many hearts. 🕉
Neetu ChhaukarNeetu Chhaukar
12:58 18 May 22
I am a thyroid patient since five years. Thanks to Dr. Shalu Garg now I am completely fine her behavior is so nice to me and it is possible because of her knowledge and experience . I am very thankful to her . She is such a excellent doctor.
shraddha vinayakashraddha vinayaka
14:35 12 May 22
I go to Dr. Shalu for Abhyangam (massage) and many other issues....i have always returned back with an absolutely healthy body and mind... My experience has always been very amazing.....she listens to the patient unlike many other people in practice.....n her treatment is 10 on 10.....I can never thank her enough for the relief.
Munish MalhotraMunish Malhotra
07:39 10 May 22
It has been exactly one year since I have been under supervision of Dr Shalu Garg, COVID almost took my life away, for six months after COVID allopathic medicine deteriorated my body to extinction, i lost twenty eight kgs and my body was so frail that i had to struggle walking hundred steps.Alok Jain ( author of the book ' the root cause") guided me to take up aurveda. Now that I am back to good health, my heartfelt thanks to Dr Shalu Garg and baijur ( master at abhayangam)Keep up the good work and may God bless rhe team with success and wellness.
Varun GroverVarun Grover
14:30 03 Dec 21
My mom had pain in knees and was told not to walk as it would start paining whenever she would walk for more than 5 minutes and also afterwards!She tried a lot of doctors before coming to Ayurlife! She was not sure of Ayurveda however she had a very positive different experience.Today she is back on her feet and goes for regular walking! The consultation and massages have all been very helpful!Highly recommended!!

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