Psoriasis (Eczema)

Psoriasis or Eczema is a common skin condition which is caused due to rapid build up of cells on the surface of the skin. These extra skin cells form scales and red patches. These red patches are itchy and painful.

The imbalance in any of psoriasis results in different types of Eczema :-

Vata Dosha 

This eczema is characterized by extreme dryness, scaling, itching and lots of pain and throbbing.

Pitta Dosha 

Pitta shows up in the skin as blisters and breakouts due to the accumulation of internally heating toxins called Ama.

Kapha Dosha

Kaphic eczema itches, oozes and causes thickening of the skin.

Rakta Mokshan
(Leech Therapy)

Leech therapy (Medicated Leech Therapy) is used in Panchkarma for purification of blood so sometimes called a blood purification therapy.

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Basti is often administered in two stages: an oil stage and a decoction stage. In the first stage, five ounces of warm sesame oil is introduced into the rectum and retained for ten minutes.

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At Ayulife, all types of Ayurveda medicines from famous brands and Pharmacies of Kerala are available. Typically from the following companies :  the Sandu, Arya VaidySala, Kottakkal,...

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