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Beena SharmaBeena Sharma
14:12 22 May 22
I recommend the clinic to any new comer. Dr. Garg n her team have a solid deep sound approach in their Ayulife Ayurveda Clinic.. Interaction with Dr. Garg was a good two way meeting of two parallel approaches ( Sri Vidya n Ayurveda) moving towards one goal of serving humanity. The staff was & is kind; service oriented and their ancienr technique is commendable. Keep it up n win many hearts. 🕉
Neetu ChhaukarNeetu Chhaukar
12:58 18 May 22
I am a thyroid patient since five years. Thanks to Dr. Shalu Garg now I am completely fine her behavior is so nice to me and it is possible because of her knowledge and experience . I am very thankful to her . She is such a excellent doctor.
shraddha vinayakashraddha vinayaka
14:35 12 May 22
I go to Dr. Shalu for Abhyangam (massage) and many other issues....i have always returned back with an absolutely healthy body and mind... My experience has always been very amazing.....she listens to the patient unlike many other people in practice.....n her treatment is 10 on 10.....I can never thank her enough for the relief.
Munish MalhotraMunish Malhotra
07:39 10 May 22
It has been exactly one year since I have been under supervision of Dr Shalu Garg, COVID almost took my life away, for six months after COVID allopathic medicine deteriorated my body to extinction, i lost twenty eight kgs and my body was so frail that i had to struggle walking hundred steps.Alok Jain ( author of the book ' the root cause") guided me to take up aurveda. Now that I am back to good health, my heartfelt thanks to Dr Shalu Garg and baijur ( master at abhayangam)Keep up the good work and may God bless rhe team with success and wellness.
Varun GroverVarun Grover
14:30 03 Dec 21
My mom had pain in knees and was told not to walk as it would start paining whenever she would walk for more than 5 minutes and also afterwards!She tried a lot of doctors before coming to Ayurlife! She was not sure of Ayurveda however she had a very positive different experience.Today she is back on her feet and goes for regular walking! The consultation and massages have all been very helpful!Highly recommended!!
suma sekharsuma sekhar
02:03 30 Jul 22
Dr. Shalu Garg, Highly recommended. I would like thank for her dedication and timely treatment of pain and problem, which I have been suffering for the past ten years. So many doctors I went, though I would not blame them, but the treatment did not do any good, and one doctor recommended for amputation/operation immediately. That is when I went to Dr. Shalu. She is a blessed human being, with Midas touch, Definitely a knowledgeable and experienced Ayurvedic Doctor, thorough listener, no nonsense treatment, her hands are so blessed that when she started this (leech therapy) on my leg, the first day itself I could notice much changes, less pain, less swelling. Now after 4 sittings, there is an improvement of 60%, and after almost 10 years, I am able to walk, stand without pain in my ankle. Will be continuing my treatment and will post pic after completely getting cured, which I am sure, with Dr.Shalu with my side, I am going to achieve that soon. Thankyou once again doctor, for the wonderful treatment, and thank Ayush staff too.
Kiran RawatKiran Rawat
07:00 29 Jul 22
I would like to say a big thanks to my Aunt who recommended Ayulife Panchkarma to visit for my younger sister who was completely depressed because of her backpain. I would like to share my whole experience.My sister was having a severe back, stomach pain and dizziness. We have visited almost all the doctors but they did not find any problem because all the reports were positive. Then i got to know about this clinic where Dr. Shalu Garg will understand your problem by checking your nerves. After visit, we got to know that this is nothing just imbalance of her VATA. She gave completely natural treatment and also suggested few home remedies which is easy to get at home, my sister is feeling good now. This clinic is completely genuine and doctor will give you proper time to understand your problem. I would recommend you to consult for any kind of physical pain. They even have complete set up for different kind of therapies and working staff is also good.
Rohit SaxenaRohit Saxena
16:29 12 Jun 22
Highly Recommended. Mrs. Garg truly changed my believes in the power of Ayurveda. I had a chronic illness that all doctors had given up on and as a last resort I went under her guidance and therapy. It has been uplifting since that day. She is a very knowledgable and experienced Ayurvedic Practioner who can simply perform healing Magic.
09:46 03 Apr 22
She listens to your queries. And tries to answer each of it. Trust the process, the therapies Her team- Seema is very good at her work. Within one month of the medicine course i can see the improvement and we concieved. Ayurvedic is far better than Allopathic but only if you are ready to follow it religiously. Thumbs up to AYULIFE!! Doctor Shalu knows what needs to be done to treat particular problem. She doesn't just simply gives you list of pills to start with. Each prescription is to suit specific person's need.Must visit.
Rachna SharmaRachna Sharma
16:43 07 Dec 21
Have known the Doctor Shallu Garg for more than 2 years now. Have taken treatments and advise for many problems. In fact, she is the first go to medical person for advise for me. I have been benefitted by her medicines and advise. I have also used some products of Ayulife such as Almond Oil, Herbal Tea and Hair Oil which have been good. I recommend the doctor for her easy to approach, knowledgeable advise and ayurvedic treatment. I wish her and her clinic success in future too. I also wish that her advise and treatments always benefit people like me.
Tara DeviTara Devi
05:57 20 Apr 22
I was suffering from knee pain since yrs and was taking allopathic medicines after consulting various orthopedic drs. But day by day it was deteriorating and medicines increasing. Got frustrated. decided to go for Ayurveda. Treatment.I visited Ayulife and Dr Shallu gave some ayurvedic medicines and panchkarma treatments. Within 2 months I left my all allopathic medicines. After 4 months I can walk freely and ayurvedic medicines for just strengthening.Thanx a lot Dr Shallu and staff for giving my life back.
santosh dhimansantosh dhiman
06:48 07 Dec 21
Excellent!It is the best authentic Ayurveda centre in gurgaon . I had acne problem on my face then I had taken treatment from Dr. Shalu at her Ayulife Ayurveda clinic sector 14. Now my face is perfect no more acne .She the best Doctor if you have any problem of skin I recommend you must visit her .All the best 👍🏻
navodit gargnavodit garg
05:17 01 Oct 21
Visited Ayulife Ayurveda Clinic couple of times for de-stressing myself from the work from home pressures due to This corona pandemic.The staff is really expert in panchkarma treatment and I took package of detoxification which was worth for its value . One must visit the Ayulife clinic for rejuvenation and other problems
Shimla JainShimla Jain
07:41 14 May 21
My nephew had sever problem of Sinus and this used to come every year during feb month. Due to this chronic problem he was recommended surgery but then we approached Ayulife Ayurveda Clinic and Doctor recommended us for Panchkarma Therapy of Nasyam . This was quite effective and in span of 5 days we had big relief.And now the problem is quite in control.Thanks to Ayulife
ram pal yadavram pal yadav
09:58 24 Apr 21
Due to online studies, my son had developed problem of 1 ) Redness in Eyes 2) Dryness 3) Back Pain 4) Obesity .. All this was developing due to online and constant sitting.We visited Ayulife and started treatment under Dr Shallu, She is quite thorough with the Panchkarma Therapies and recommended us few therapies like Netra Tarpan for Eyes, Kati Basti for Back Pain, Change in Life style like Food Habits, Exercises . Within 2 weeks of treatment my son has improved a lot.

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