AyuLife Training Program for Ayurveda Yoga | Learn Yoga in India

Ayurveda Yoga in India

Ayurveda Yoga in India


Ayulife Training in Panchkarma Ayurveda Yoga

ATPAY is one of the premium service of Ayulife wherein we help International Tourists or students to connect with India Ayurveda & Yoga. We connect them to the best of Ayurveda & Yoga Schools within India. These schools are verified by us and certified on the checklist. The details may be provided at your emails.

Feel free to write us at AyulifeATPAY@gmail.com

In case you are looking for Short Term or long term programs in India feel free to connect us.

Foreign Students

The Students or tourists who want to visit India and then make their visit effective by learning Ayurveda or Yoga may reach us at AyulifeATPAY@gmail.com. We will help you in providing accommodation suitable to your pocket and the Learning Programs. You may pick up destinations in India of your choice. Currently we are working in Northern Part of India mainly Delhi , Gurgaon & Rishikesh.

Enrollment Program for Partners

The Partners who want to participate in this program may enroll with us and we will help you in connecting with students or tourists.