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What is Virechana?

Virechan is one of the five procedures in Panchkarma. This procedure is based on  bowel-cleaning by  giving laxatives. It balances the Pitta dosha


Virechan is procedure in which stomach , intestine or bowl is cleaned by giving laxatives to the patient orally.

  • These laxatives are usually prepared in milk, Ghee.
  • Patients are advised to take then with warm water.
  • It removes toxins accumulated in the liver/gallbladder
  • Virechan bring back the equilibrium of Pita as Virechan removes toxins accumulated in the liver and gallbladder. It completely cleans the  intestinal path. 
  • The patient must follow the diet prescription given by doctor
  • And should not eat heavy or outside foods 

Virechan helps in cleaning the  excess bile which  gets accumulated in the gall bladder, liver and small intestine. Thus the therapy or Panchkarma helps in 

  1. Hyper acidity
  2. Acid reflux
  3. Burning in the chest
  4. Biliary vomiting
  5. Rashes
  6. Skin inflammation

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