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Uttra Basti

About Uttra Basti

Uttra Basti is performed by Experienced Doctors. At Ayulife we have been doing these therapies from more than a decade. Though this therapy is for both male and female but mostly its commonly performed on the females.

In Uttra Basti, following steps are taken for females  :-

  1. Patient is laid on the bed with legs wide spread.
  2. The female private parts are cleaned with antiseptic solution.
  3. The vagina is visualized with speculum. 
  4. Then Cannula is inserted into female and 5ml of solution is inserted into her.
  5. Special Ayurveda Oil is used in this therapy and is passed into utheral Cavity. 
  6. This procedure is repeated couple of times and for few days with intervals.
Benefits of Uttra Basti
  1. Strengthens Reproduction Systems of Male and Females.  
  2. Strengthens Vagina of female.
  3. Opens the blocked Falopian Tubes.
  4. Increases the Sperm Count in Males.
  5. Uttra Basti replacement to Natural “In vitro fertilization”

Getting relief from infertility problems is just 3 steps away!

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