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Pre Panchkarma

Pre Panchkarma

Pre Panchkarma

Pre Panchkarma or Purvakarma – usually consists of two procedures :

  1. Snehan
  2. Swedan

The basic aim of Snehana and Swedana karma is to bring forth the vitiated doshas to an elimination form from their latent state. These are generally performed before application of Panchakarma. 

Snehan (Oleation) in Ayurveda

Snehan means administering medicated oil into body by massage on affected portion and that’s how its called “Oleation”. 

With this therapy  morbid toxins, become easily extractable from body . as toxins move from their deposition organs or sites.

Snehan is performed using Til or Sesame oil and some times with milk, curd, Ghee. The use of a specific Snehan substance  depends upon the season of treatment. 

Internal Oleation (Abhyantar Snehan)

This comprises of consumption of warm herbal ghee or oils. The ghee is given to be consumed orally by Ayurveda Doctor. The dose varies depends on body’s requirements. 

External Oleation (Bahya Snehan)

in this procedure massage  is performed called “Abhyangam”. The therapist applies herbal oil to the skin and then performs massage with strokes in particular direction. Snehan improves blood circulation in the affected portion

Swedan (Purgation Therapy)

Swedan is therapy where in heat is given to the body on affected portion or whole body by steam or other medias. A typical woodened steam chamber is used for providing steam to the body. The Herbal concoction is added to the steam to loosen the toxins from the individual.  

This therapy is usually  given after with Snehan. After 3-7 days of Snehan and Svedana, the doshas become well “ripened.” and Svedana liquefies the toxins and increases the movement of toxins into the gastrointestinal tract and thats how its called Purgation therapy.

In short with Swedan, doshas move to selective places in body from where they can be expelled easily from the body. 

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