Potli (KIZHI)

In this treatment herbs/leaves and other natural ingredients are used for curing chronic pain. Powdered herbs are packed in special cloth and wrapped as pouch and heated with medicated oils. This massage is also called Potli , Podi Kizhi , Pattra Kizhi.

The Potlies or Pouches are made of fresh or/and dried herbs and these herbs are chosen carefully depending upon the constituents of body.


  1. Reduces inflammation
  2. Improves mobility & flexibility
  3. Relieves pain and stiffness in joints and muscular spasms
  4. Beneficial in Arthritic Pains

There are various types of Potli massages depending upon the body portion to be treated. Please choose from the drop down list below.


These herbal pouches or Potlies are heated in oil to certain temperature and applied to the paining area with certain duration depending upon the sensitivity of person.

This relieves the chronic pains. Useful for curing swelling especially. These Potlies stimulates blood flow, with in the affected area and relives the chronic pain. The enhanced blood circulation not only relives the pain but also strengthens the tissues and increases the luster of skin.

Usually “Nadi Swedan” is clubbed with this therapy for better results. 

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