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Muscle Sprain

Muscle Sprain

Muscle Sprain

Ayurveda Treatment to Muscle Pull
  1. Athletic activities or exercise, including running or jogging
  2. Slipping on wet floors
  3. Long Driving
  4. Lifting heavy objects
  5. Overexerting yourself
  6. Sitting or standing in an awkward position
  7. Prolonged repetitive motion
Ayurveda Treatment to Muscle Pull
  1. Following is line of Treatment adapted at Ayulife for Muscle Pull :-  

    Oil massage or Snehan : It  is revered as a highly effective therapy for Muscle pull due to following reasons:- 

    1. Balances Vata dosha
    2. Reduces muscle stiffness
    3. Increases  blood circulation in affected area
    4. Mobilizes Toxins to exit from body
    5. Relaxes the body.

    Swedan : Swedan is giving heat to the affected area by steam. It expedites the recovery period.

    Shaman Chikitsa : The herbal medicines are given which help in strengthening the muscles.

    Shodhan Chikita : Some of Panchkarma therapies are performed :

    1. Pichu 
    2. Basti 
    3. Potli Massage 

Muscle Pull

Muscle Pull, Muscle Strain or Muscle Spasm is tearing of Muscle which happens due to Over-stretching, Over-Exercise or Stressful Sports.

Potli Massage

In this treatment herbs/leaves and other natural ingredients are used for curing chronic pain. Powdered herbs are packed in special cloth and wrapped as pouch and heated with medicated oils.

Sports Injury

Sports injuries are caused due to stressful activities, such as sports like Footbal, Cricket or tough exercises. Due to theses strenuous activities, some body parts get stressed and eventually wear & tear of Joints start.

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