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Powdered or Grinded pain Relieving herbs are packed in special cloth and wrapped as pouch. This is called Ayurveda Potli or Podi Kizhi or Pattra Kizhi. This Potli comes with 60 ml of Pain-relieving Oil which is primarily made of Sesame Oil blended with Pain killer herbs.

Benefits of Polti Massage :

  1. Relieves Pain,
  2. Reduces Inflammation,
  3. Increases Muscle flexibility,
  4. Reduces Muscular Stiffness.

The Potli comes with Pain Relieving Oil ( 60ml) in combo pack. There are 2 types of Polti’s based on the type of pains.



Ayurveda Potli or Podi Kizhi or Pattra Kizhi is made of Anti inflammatory & Pain Relieving herbs like Pushkarmool, Sunthi, Shigru, Rasna, Sarshap etc.

The content of herb is varied depending upon the the type of pain, there are 2 types of Polti’s

  1. Knees Pain, Arthritis in Legs
  2. Back Pain, Sciatica, Lumber Pain.

Please mention in your order the type of potli to be ordered or we send by default the Back Pain Potli. Pease refer this video link for knowing the details on usage of Potli.

Data sheet

Composition : 2 Items ( Herbal Potli + Pain Oil)