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Ayulife,  Navel Oil  is 100% herbal Oil  and does not contain any chemical. Its made of 6 types of rare herbs and can be used for any type of Hair

Ingredients: Neem, Giloy, Castor oil, Marich, Almond oil, Sesame oil, Pepper, Haridra, Patol, Vidang, Lavender oil.

Usage : Rub spoonful of Oil on the Navel Oil.




Benefits of Navel Oil

  1. Soothing Digestion: Gentle massage with Ayulife Navel oil onto the belly button area can help soothe digestion, reduce bloating and relieve constipation.
  2. Stimulates System: Targeted massage stimulates the digestive system, keeping it functioning smoothly and regularly.
  3. All Natural Ingredients: Composed of only natural ingredients like coconut oil, calendula and lemon essential oils, the navel oil is gentle and safe for sensitive skin.
  4. Easy Application: Just apply 2-3 drops of the 100ml bottle onto the belly button and massage in circular motions for 5 minutes before bath for best effects.
  5. Holistic Health: Regular use as part of your wellness routine can contribute to overall feelings of health, comfort and well-bein

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Weight 30 g