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Edible Herbal Tea or commonly called Herbal Digestive Tea, Consumption improves and enhance the digestion. Its Instant Tea and can be easily prepared with hot water.


  1. Increases digestion
  2. Eatable residue and improves digestion
  3. Naturally sweet, No need to add additional Sugar
  4. No need of strainer
  5. Safe for diabetic
  6. Boosts metabolism

First of its kind as there is no need to use the strainer for preparing the tea and in-fact the residual can be eaten.




  • Fennel seeds, Carom seeds, Cardamon and Ginger

Usage Procedure

  1. Add half TSP of Ayulife Herbal Digestion Tea in cup of hot boiled water.
  2. Stir the powder in hot water.
  3. No need to Strain the solution , Sip it and enjoy the flavor
  4. Feel free to eat the residual left in the cup

Servings : 30

Net Weight : 60 Gms