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Ayulife Gulkand is made of fresh rose petals plucked at prime of their weather, these petals are mixed with rock Sugar and after few more procedures Gulkand is prepared.

Gulkand acts as natural coolant and very useful in summer season. It has many advantages and its regular consumption cures many problems like

  1. Cures Constipation
  2. Treats Mouth Ulcers
  3. Acts as antioxidant
  4. Good for Skin Problems
  5. Clears pimples and acne
  6. Treats Mouth Ulcers
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Ayulife Gulkand is made of Chaitri Gulab also called Damascena (Damask) Roses. These Roses are brought from Haldighati of India.  These Rose petals are plucked in month of April and are quite fresh. We have packaging’s of 180 gram.

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