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Ayulife Kold-n-kough tea strengthens respiratory system. It not only prevents formation of cough but also  clears the accumulated cough from the chest.

Benefits of Cold Cough Tea:

  • Mulethi & black Pepper being expectorant, prevents the accumulation of cough in the chest. and its bronchodilator properties reduce affects of asthma, bronchitis.
  • Tulsi strengthens Respiratory System and saves from catching Cough and Cold.
  • Rock Salt and Black Pepper have soothing affect on throat.
  • Ginger(Gingerol) has antioxidant properties which  boost immunity.
  • In Case of higher Air Pollution, regular consumption prevents from Allergic condition like Cold Cough.


Directions to Use:

  1. Add 1/2 Tea-Spoon of this Tea in a cup of boiled water (120 ml).
  2. No need to Strain the solution, Just Mix well.
  3. Add honey or Jaggery in case needed.
  4. Sip it and enjoy the flavor.

Ingredients : 

Mulethi, Tulsi , Kala Namak , Dalcini, Sonth, Kali Mirach

Net Weight : 60