Ayurveda treats patient with multiple problems of disturbed Thyroid, Liver functions & Uric Acid

In December a patient approached us with disturbed functions of thyroid (High TSH) liver function and uric acid wes also quite high. All these problems had caused other associated problems like disturbed sleep pattern gastric constipation lack of concentration loss of appetite etc.Patinet also confirmd that he had already taken vaious other treatments but he coudl not get any result.

We at Ayulife started the Ayurvedic treatment, According to his imbalanced dosage. We prescribe him Ayurvedic medication along with Nidan Parivarjin.

With in four months of Ayurveda treatment most of problems had gone or finished. Based on his latest reports attached as snapshot, the effects of treatment can be seen.

Patient is also feeling quite energetic with good concentration in his works and as a result good appetite as well as good sleep. He is really impressesed with power of Aurevda as expressed in his message on whatsapp (Attahced)

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