Digestive Fire in Ayurveda

Digestive Fire for Stomach Problems, Impact on metabolism.


Jatharagni or digestive fire in the body is responsible the metabolizing food. Jatharagni is one of 13 types of fire in the body according to Ayurvedic philosophy.

In Sanskrit Jathara meaning “abdomen” and agni meaning “fire”. In case jatharagni is in balance then we have good health and this Jathragni is responsible for digestion and overall health.

However, jatharagni is affected by the imbalance in doshas and this imbalance in Jathragni is in four possible ways.

Four types of Jathar Agni or Digestive Fire.

But when any of Dosha dominates the Jathragni is disbalanced and called

  1. Vishama agni when vata dominates
  2. Tikshna agni, where pitta dominates.
  3. Manda agni, where kapha dominates.
  4. Samagni whne tridosha in balance.

Sama agni

where the tri-doshas are balanced. This leads to the perfect functioning of jatharagni and is considered its ideal state.

  • Tongue is pink, soft, smooth and moist with little white coating in the morning
  • Normal Digestion, Absorption, Elimination
  • Maintain Healthy Weight
  • Stool is brown and usually floats

Manda agni, Low Digestive Fire

Mada Agni is where kapha dominates. Digestion becomes very slow and sluggish.People with manda agni will frequently experience indigestion and will have following problems

  • Tendency to Gain Weight, Obesity
  • Tongue white coated with Sliva
  • Stool black in color, sinks easily

Vishama agni, (Irregular Digestion)

Vishma Agni happens when vata dominates and following are the key aspects of Vishma Agni . Vishma Agni causes the variable digestion and foot habbits are not stable,

  • Sometimes Weak or Strong Hunger and tendency to Skips Meals
  • Irregular Eating Patterns
  • Usually person is Bloating, Gurgling, Or suffer from Constipation
  • Dryness In The Body
  • Person is usually Underweight Or Overweight
  • Sometimes Stool Small, Dry, Or Hard

Tikshna agni, where pitta dominates.

Teeksha Agni happens when Pitta dominates and following are the key aspects of Teeksha Agni . Teeksha Agni causes the Sharp digestion.

  • Person is usually intense, aggressive and Angry.
  • Quick digestive capacity, which can be too strong.
  • Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Hot flashes
  • Sharp Fierce Hunger
  • Feels Hungry Or Irritable Without Food
  • Stool rusty in color, loose & falls apart

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