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Save from Corona Virus by increasing Immunity


Since the news of 2nd Wave of Corona Virus has broken out in the media, we all are worried to save ourselves or our family from the Virus. Till the time there is “vacinantion for all ” we cannot afford to watch the Virus attacking us.

So the other best way to save ourselves in increasing our immunity against Virus. As per Ayurveda chest related infections are related to Kapha Dosha, So we need to increase our immunity against Corona by Kapha Dosha.

To keep the Kapha dosha in balance for staying fit, we recomend to have following

  • Use Tulsi Powder 10 GM
    -1 10 GM of Ginger powder
  • 5 GM of Raw Haldi (Turmeric)
  • 5 GM of Mulethi
  • 2GM of Cinamon powder (Daal Chini).

Drink twice a day or any time when you feel thirsty.

It increases the internal immunity and prevent from corona virus.

Please note the value of ingredients need not to be kept striclty same , slight variations are fine.

The spread of the coronavirus across more than 100 countries now qualifies as a global pandemic as per the World Health Organization. In this situation, it is our duty as citizens to act with great care and responsibility.

We disinfect our all clinics by giving smoke of GUGUL (Commiphora wightii), Camphor. Give patients herbal tea made of turmeric, ajwain, Ginger, Cinnamon to increase their immunity.

Please also note that treatment of Corona Viral Problem is different than increasing immunity. At Ayulife we help to increase the immunity aganst Corona virus bt recomending therapies and herbal prodcts which are easily available at your home. For more details please discuss with Doctor.

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